Not so mighty…


January 9, 2013 by notsomighty

The inspiration for this blog comes from all the amazing blogs out there giving moms like myself an inferiority complex every day.  Not all of us are super-organized, highly energetic people who like to hand craft origami notes for our kids lunch boxes every day.  Some of us have messy houses, messy lives, messy blogs.  This messy blog is for the rest of us.

I’m JoAnna, mom to just one little ball of trouble who keeps me plenty busy!  B is six now and full of energy and mischief and backtalk these days.  I love to craft but kind of suck at it, so don’t be surprised when I’m posting pics of my half-assed attempts at awesome crafting.  I love being a mom, reading, writing, fighting gender stereotypes, promoting body acceptance and HAES, and being a rabidly feminist mama bear.   I love to look at Amazing Mommy Blogs and think about how much energy those women have, while sipping my coffee or wine (depending on the time of day).

My motto:

I love to write and have wanted to start a blog for ages but never could figure out my niche.  Gradually, faced with the awe-inspiring levels of amazeballs out there among the mommyblogs, I realized my niche might just be … mediocrity.


3 thoughts on “Not so mighty…

  1. Dean B says:

    Hi JoAnna, I’m a craft-mommy-wanna-be-too. But I’ve given up on it and sort of accepted that I’m not just one of those moms who are so good at crafting, sewing, knitting. I’m neither. It’s nice to know that there is someone like me out there. (Yes, I know there are loads. But it’s nice to see people raise their hands-up and admit this once in awhile). Looking forward to read more from you =)

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