Coffee, instead of…

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January 16, 2013 by notsomighty

There is one thing I am awesome at, and that is having coffee, instead of.  Coffee, instead of folding laundry.  (Ugh!)  Coffee, instead of walking the dog, or doing all the awesome crafts I have pinned, or doing bellydance drills, or working on a website, or writing something, or cleaning something or finding a job.

The truth is there are tons of things I LOVE to do, and really enjoy doing, but only do in an average kind of way.  It is a bit exhausting to browse the interwebz and see people doing All The Things and doing them so freakin’ awesomely, isn’t it?  Reality for lots of us is a bit different.  Besides, it is disgustingly cold and rainy outside and my daughter just turned six and already doesn’t want to hug me in front of her friends.  I can still get away with it, a little.  But she doesn’t want to.

But anyways.  Stuff I love, that may be mentioned here from time to time.  Feminism, although I’m even mediocre at that because I’m a stay at home mom, ffs!  Crafting, knitting, bellydance, my weight loss surgery (the duodenal switch, another thing I’ve done ok but not great with), mom-ing, web design, writing, who knows what else because I find shiny things awfully distracting.

Who wants coffee?

A gif from me to you.



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