Don’t punch bullies, and other parenting advice

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February 1, 2013 by notsomighty

Well, I wanted to.  When my sweet little freckle faced redhead came home and told me that two little boys in her kindergarten class said she is “ugly with her freckles,” and called her fat.  I could visualize it in my mind.

I punched a kid today, and I've never felt better about myself.

I punched a kid today, and I’ve never felt better about myself.

Ok, that gif is awesome but super distracting.  Scroll up to hide it so you can read without killing your eyes.  Sorry.  (Wait, I can’t stop watching.  Punch.  Punch.  Punch… agggghh!)

(And if you haven’t seen Bad Santa yet, you really should.  Rarely have I seen a movie that makes me laugh till I pee, cry with disgust, and cry with happiness all in one.)

Anyways, I have spent some time reading some mostly useless articles about bullying on the interwebz and thought I’d share a few of the less useless ones here, so you don’t spend your time reading all the crappy ones.  See how awesome I am? Actually this way it’s easier for me to find them again to reread them, because of course all the good advice literally goes in one ear and out the other and my kid tells me someone did something shitty to her and instead of all the good stuff I say “WUT???? Hold my earrings, I’m going in!”

OK, this one is from about playground politics.  I found helpful the advice about how to talk to your kids about what happens, although I would add that if your kid is like mine and suddenly discovers, wooo!  Party!  Everyone is paying attention to me, so now I will make up MOAR bad things people are doing to me!  You may need to change focus a bit once you are done listening.  Like, that must have been hard for you.  Can you tell me something good that happened today?  Then pay a ton of attention to the good stuff.  Or else yours, like mine, will suddenly become All Drama All The Time.  (Who am I kidding, she has always been dramatic!)

This one is from the Seattle Times which is totally fucking random, but I think the advice is really awesome and practical and helpful.  So check it out if your kid is having problems with this kind of thing.

There is so much contradictory advice with regards to ignoring bullying behaviors. I like how the Seattle Times points out that stomping off in a huff is not “ignoring,” and that’s a good thing to teach our kids if we want them to ignore.  Our school does teach the kids to ignore, so I have been playing it up with the Power to Ignore (which you have to say in a SuperHero voice, of course), and praising her when that works out.  It doesn’t always though.

I hate bullies.  I also hate ending blog posts.  It is one of the things I’m severely mediocre about.  Severely mediocre.  Ha!



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