What happens when you half-ass your flu shot?

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February 1, 2013 by notsomighty

Yep, so I have spent the last ten days knocked on my ass by the flu.  I did get my flu shot, just apparently a dollar short and a day late as usual.  To be fair, I did buy a new house and move during the time I’d usually get my flu shot, so it wasn’t exactly top priority in my mind.  I had a freakin’ 103 degree fever people!  That shit is not cool!

And if you are a crazy anti-vaccine person… this ain’t the blog for you.  One thing I do not half-ass is my love of modern medicine.  No anti-vax whackos allowed.

I do think I had a more mild flu than most people are reporting.   I only had two days of bad fever, after all.  I was super miserable though!  Anyways I am finally coming back to life.  Which makes me think of zombies, which makes me think of The Walking Dead, which makes me want to watch the Walking Dead and it’s not back on for two weeks!  Gah!


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