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February 3, 2013 by notsomighty

I’ve been volunteering at my kid’s school lately.  You may think it is because I am So An Awesome Mom, but in reality it is because my kid’s teacher is seriously a megabitch of epic proportions and I’m trying to tone it down a bit, plus help out and reduce her stress a bit.  My daughter has been coming home so upset she has ginormous meltdowns on a daily basis, which is not like her.  It’s stressful being around someone grumpy and mean all day.

Anyways.  I was there yesterday and I did find myself thinking about Newtown, and where exactly these kids could hide if a shooter walked into the school.  I do not think my school is doing hiding drills, and I think they should be.  I was thinking of the teacher who managed to get all her kids into the bathroom and how the bathroom in this classroom is covered in a lake (literally, a lake) of pee.  (Seriously, it is DISGUSTING.  Concave toilet seats NOT a good idea.)

So I read this post over at Scary Mommy and I think it’s really well done and worth a read.  And I don’t know that there’s anything more to say about that because thinking of Newtown and the way I felt reading the news that day are beyond description, really.


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