Valentine’s Day overachieving

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February 5, 2013 by notsomighty

I am organizing the Valentine’s Day party for my kids class at school this year.  I have never done this before, so I am looking around the interwebz for ideas and of course I run smack into the Pinterest Overachievers Club.  Because, really.  Heart shaped potatoes are what pushed me right over the edge of WTF.

You think I’m kidding about heart shaped potatoes, right?  But noooooooo.

Aren't they pukably adorable?

Aren’t they pukably adorable?

No offense to the maker of these potatoes, and I have not even gone to the original post to see how fabulously easy! making heart shaped potatoes!  would be to show your family your true love!   Seriously I cannot deal with it!  Except that I would very much like the creator of these lovely taters to come to my house and cook dinner on Valentine’s Day.  Or, every day.  Especially if she does dishes!

Check out these insanely gorgeous cookies.

HOW do you make such a perfect tiny heart?

HOW do you make such a perfect tiny heart?

Wouldn’t that be awesome if I could make 36 or so perfect gorgeous cookies like that and show up to the party smiling and smelling of vanilla to place them gently before the awed eyes of the kindergartners and their parents?  Every parent in there would hate me forever.  They’d eat the cookies though!  (So would I.)

OK, so this is pretty adorable and actually doesn’t look that hard.  Maybe I could manage to not fuck this up.  I did make a pretty decent rainbow cake for my kid last year.  (I said decent, not pinterest worthy!)


Probably though I’ll just go to Costco or something.  Half the class hate me anyways and don’t deserve my fabulous heart filled cupcakes that I have not even attempted to make yet.

Ooooooooooh incidentally.   This is pretty funny.  This Valentine’s Day I’m going to focus on my eternal love of sarcasm.  ❤



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