Happy Valentine’s Day to all underachievers!

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February 14, 2013 by notsomighty


So, yeah, I volunteered to do this party for my kid’s class, right??? It is my first classroom party.  I am stressing the fuck out!  Not only that but I kept buying stuff at random for the party and then forgetting what I had bought, so ultimately I wound up with too much of some things and not enough of other things.  Oy!  Last night I let myself get seduced by Pinterest pins and decided to make a Valentine’s Day Chex Mix!  With these pink chex in them!

And then I’d put pink, red, white M&M’s in!  Yum!

Except… the chocolate kept seizing up in the microwave and coming out all clumpy instead of nice and smooth and pourable, and I wound up with nasty looking clumpy things, and the strawberry jello the recipe recommends you use for color made the entire mix taste DISGUSTING so I threw it out and made a much much simpler one, in the process completely destroying my kitchen.  All this AFTER my house already looked like Cupid puked all over it.   I spent a whole 30 minutes cleaning this morning and now I am like, uggghhhh too much cleaning!


Anyways the party is coming along.  I made a really ugly but well-intentioned “Friendship Tree,” to do “pin the heart on the friendship tree,” and the hearts all have kids names on them.  But the tree I made is sadly ugly.  But well-intentioned!  The hearts have lots of glitter, so that should make up for the ugly, right?  Glitter is forever!

Here I have been busting my half-assed self to death on this party and yesterday and this morning my kid is all.. “Mommy, I am sooooooooooo worried everything will go wrong with your party!”  Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence kid!

I shall report back from the party trenches later.



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