Girl Scouts and other misadventures….

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August 21, 2014 by notsomighty

So did I mention I became a Girl Scout leader?

I did.

Mine should say, EVERYONE PANIC!

Mine should say, EVERYONE PANIC!

It has been so much fun and about 8,000 percent more work than I ever anticipated it being.  I thought to myself, a meeting every two weeks, what’s the big deal?  Haaaaaaaaahahaha!

Naive mama.

We started with a group of Daisies and Brownies, although now we may have a few Juniors although I don’t really know because do you think parents can write back to emails or respond to simple questions?  Nope, no they cannot.

Sending out emails to Girl Scout parents is kind of like sending them into the black hole of the internet.


Emails go in… deafening silence comes out.

Meanwhile my house looks like Michael’s and Joann’s had a thousand little love children all over it.

In fact, I had a four hour meeting (doing a Daisy Journey in a day) ummmmm… four days ago?  Five?  And the craftsplosion is still all over my basement.

Which just makes me think I should have picked up a bottle of wine last night because it may be required for cleaning that up.

If anyone is interested I’d post my plan for the Earth and Sky Journey in a day.  It took us four hours, our TAP was a letter to our congressman about neonics and the declining bee population.



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