Climbing Hills

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September 27, 2014 by notsomighty

Yesterday I broke a new personal record and ran for 40 minutes and 2 and a quarter miles.  I’m pretty thrilled with myself.  The weather was insanely gorgeous and I took a slightly different route through the park where I run every day.  Suddenly I found myself here, looking at this hill.



Suddenly I stopped and could barely breathe, looking at that hill.

To be fair, it’s a bit bigger in person;  but really it’s overall a pretty gentle slope uphill for less than a city block.

To me, when my daughter was a baby and I weighed over 300 lbs, it was Everest.

I considered myself a pretty active person, even at that weight, and I was.  But I remember getting to the top of that hill with my baby, sweating and panting, and dreading the idea that I’d forgotten something in the car and might have to walk back down and up again.

It just kind of hit me, how far I’ve come.  Most of the time I’m busy being focused on how far I have to go.  But here I was at this hill where I could barely walk at one point, running.  (Running SLOW, yes, but running!)

Sometimes I feel like a WLS (weight loss surgery) failure.  But this reminded me.  I’ve lost 110 lbs.  Even if I’m not at my goal weight, that is 110 lbs I am not lugging around every day, dragging up hills, up stairs, everywhere.

This is a journey, and I’m still on it.  Chugging away in my less than perfect, not so mighty kind of way.



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