October 16, 2014 by notsomighty

So last Sunday, I decided to push myself a little bit further since I have signed up for my first ever 5k this Saturday the 18th.  I wanted to hit 2.5 miles.  I was only about a mile in when I stepped on a hunk of asphalt inexplicably lying in the middle of an otherwise pristine flat sidewalk.  I felt the ankle slide out of joint, which is this really disgusting flash of white hot pain that I sincerely hope you never experience, and went down like a ton of bricks.

It hurt so much that I started bawling, prompting my dog to start freaking the heck out and dashing around me in a blind panic.

I was a mile from my car.

I managed to get myself up and begin the long sad limp back, crying the whole way.  This HURT.  This was not just a little twist where you walk it off and feel fine a half hour later.  By the time I got myself home, it was kinda like this.

Cracked heels are a product of your screen resolution and not my neglect of foot beauty.

Cracked heels are a product of your screen resolution and not my neglect of foot beauty.

It turned purple on both sides within a few hours.

So much for training!  Worse yet, this is my RIGHT foot.  You know what that means, right?  Not only no walking, no driving either.

I did go in and get it x-rayed the next day;  nothing broken, though I discovered the presence of a really freaky looking heel spur!  Eeeeewwwww!

So then I sat on my butt for a few days with my foot up and wrapped and ice on it.  The doctor gave me crutches which promptly jacked up my problematic back even worse than before, so I took to hobbling around with one crutch instead of trying to swing along on two.

Then I went dancing over the weekend.  I couldn’t help it;  this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to study dance with these amazing artists here from India.  I didn’t actually *dance* much, but I sat and listened and learned and hobbled.  I tried dancing (gently) with a pot on my head (badly).

Honestly the driving has been the worst thing since then.

Two days ago I very very gently jogged very very slowly for about a half mile.  I have not done any since then because it is wet and slippery out and I’m terrified of hurting the ankle (still hurting) again.

No clue if I’ll make it for my first 5k on Saturday, though!


2 thoughts on “Benched.

  1. This does NOT look good for a 5k. Seriously. Don’t be crazy. Really not worth it.
    Hope it heals quickly though.

    Really. I hope you didn’t do it. Tell me you didn’t do it.

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