Not So Mighty’s Not So 5K

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October 28, 2014 by notsomighty

I sprained my ankle about 5 days before my first ever 5k, and somehow or another even made myself believe I *might* be able to still do it.

Fool that I am.

I went, since I’d signed my daughter up for the kids fun run.  She did her fun run and she had a blast, and it was adorable to watch.  Then we went home.  So now I have a t-shirt for a race I didn’t run and a serious case of the blues.

Like, seriously, I have to sprain my ankle when the weather looks like this? gorgeous woods

Why couldn’t I have sprained my ankle when the weather looks like THIS? 18-rain-sleet-hillside_1600

I want to be outside in this gorgeous fabulous fall and instead I keep mincing around.  And the thing is that after three days plonked on the couch I was going crazy;  I have too much to do, I can’t just sit around.  And this is my driving foot.  So everything hurts, all the time.

I finally googled it and apparently the average time to heal from a sprain is six weeks.  SIX WEEKS.

My dog is bored, and I want to go out in the sunshine, and I DO go out at least for a few minutes but then I’m like OW, ow, ow, and come back here to mope more.  I didn’t take my kid to the fabulous pumpkin patch because I knew it was probably a bad idea.  I wanna go to the pumpkin patch!

Clearly I’m having a grown up style tantrum here.

Meanwhile I’m secretly almost kind of a little relieved because the slowest people at the 5k finished in roughly 70 minutes and what if it took me longer?!?!?  I want to go run right out the door right now and try it out and see how slow I am, but …. stupid ankle.



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