Tooth Fairy Failures

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December 3, 2014 by notsomighty

So I realized something today when I was doing my first “back from the bench” run… running gives me focus to think about what I want to write.  So I wanted to write this post weeks ago, but without going out to run I did not have the focus to really think about what I wanted to say, and it never came out.

This is not meant to be a running blog, really, but apparently I only write when I run.  So that is weird, right?

So the tooth fairy failure!  My daughter recently lost a tooth.  Which I thought was not a really big deal.  She is almost 8, she has lost a BUNCH of teeth.  I forget how many;  six?  But for some bizarre reason she was So!!!!  Excited!!!! about this tooth.

You can see what’s coming, right?
One thing lead to another and the tooth fairy never came that night.

The next morning I was greeted with a heartbroken child.  HEART!  BROKEN!
Sad Tooth Fairy!  BAD Tooth Fairy!

I was left here pre-coffee trying to think how to handle this.

First I tried, ok… why don’t you sit down, have your morning milk, and then check again?  Maybe you just missed it.

This resulted in: “MOM!!!!!  I know YOU are the tooth fairy!  You are just going to print something out and put it in my bed!”  While sobbing.

(Plus, she was right.)

I am sitting here wondering, ok, kiddo, what do you want to hear?  She does not really believe in the tooth fairy.  She is and always has been my little skeptic.  At the same time she enjoys the magic of it, and that is where I failed.  She is so great at throwing herself into things with her whole heart;  so she is like ok, if we are going to play this tooth fairy game I am going to DO IT!  And then *I* did not do it, so she was just heartbroken.

More sobbing, then “Our tooth fairy ALWAYS forgets me!”

Oh my God, kid, you are KILLING ME HERE.

Meanwhile a part of me is thinking, good grief kid!  You are so lucky to even HAVE this to worry about.  You are so lucky that this is even on your radar of things to worry about!  So I am trying to keep this all in perspective, you know?

Finally I got her to sit down and have her milk, and while she was distracted I did exactly what she knew I would do.  I printed out a note from the tooth fairy, covered it in glitter and taped on some money.  Then I dashed up and hid it in her American Girl doll bed.  I said nothing, but when she was getting dressed she noticed the note sticking out of her American Girl doll bed.

This resulted in lots of accusatory angry “That was NOT THERE this morning!”  I could tell she was glad it had appeared, but not sure what she was looking for me to say.  I think she was just determined to argue with me no matter what, because my “Maybe you just didn’t notice it,” was angrily refuted at length.

I was so exasperated by this time.  I did not even really know what to say, so I just started ignoring it and got her ready for school.

Have you ever forgotten the tooth fairy?

Last year our Elf on the Shelf (we do a kindness elf, not a “I am spying on you to tell santa every move you make” elf) was late, too.  *sigh*

Back to running, since my run is what prompted this late post.  (Hmmm, I am sensing a theme here.  Late Elf, Late Tooth Fairy, Late Post.)  I am really thrilled that today I managed to get up to 2.95 mph, even though it was a short run.  I was really focusing on just moving my legs faster, vs. before when I would try to go faster and I’d wind up adding a lot more air/bounce.  I need this to stay low impact.  I really want to get up to a comfortable 3 mph so I can feel a little more confident about trying that 5k thing again!

Also my legs were numb by the end and I was only out for 30 minutes.  How do you keep your legs warm when you run?


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